Città europee e piani e progetti sostenibili: il piano "The Walkable city"

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The paper proposes a reading and a detailed analysis of the new plan of Stockholm (2010) that looks like a plan for sustainable growth. The title of the plan - The Walkable City - hints at some of the strategic choices made in the field to make a city creative, competitive and attractive, based on an efficient public transport system and a large number of urban roads and pedestrian paths, that revitalize marginal routes and better connect residential areas and suburbs. The city of Stockholm has long had started - the previous plan dates back to 1999 - a series of actions and strategies designed to create an urban system more integrated and better connected. The strategies implemented by the new plan will bring the city in a short time to reduce urban density through the gradual expansion of the city center in two strategic nodes located in the suburbs who will make connections to tie together different parts of the city, joining green spaces and urban parks that will bring the city to be truly sustainable.It has been crucial to coordinate the plan with other steering and policy documents that affect urban planning and to publish the planning documents that are of relevance to the detailed development plan and building permits.The aim is for the Stockholm City Plan to act as a starting point for a continued dialogue with the people of Stockholm and everyone working to develop the city. The City Plan has been drawn up in close partnership with the city’s own administrations and companies. The plan of the city is very attentive to the problems of induced global climate change that is affecting the lives of people and is one of the biggest bets of our time. The city of Stockholm has been working for a long time to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the household and has achieved good success when comparing the results with those of other cities of the world. This work has contributed to declare Stockholm European Green Capital for 2010. The new plan works in synergy with the energy plan that was drawn up in 2008 and which will be reviewed in April next year. In this context it is worth mentioning the ambitious project of the new port still under construction - Stockholm Royal Seaport - located at Norra Djurgarden, suburban area of the city that aims to establish itself as a stand-alone environment in terms of energy and sustainable development.
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