Cities' Identity Through Architecture and Art

Ferdinando Trapani, Antonella Versaci

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Intended to be a guide for academics, scholars, and interested leaders, this book was designedto critically assess issues related to architectural identity, the city as a scene, the city as anorganism, the city as a subject, and the planning or rather approaching of one.A pressing issue for many researchers in the field, the book discusses the negative repercussionsresulting from globalization. Studies have indicated that globalization, despite all thepositive effects, has resulted in a loss of identity within a city. As a city develops over time,its identity is evolving as well and may even be lost due to rapid and constant changes it issubjected to. Discussed as well are examples and tendencies in dealing with urban identitiesas well as the transformation of cities and urban cultures mentioned in terms of form, identity,and art.This book is a combination of innovative research submitted to a conference on Cities’Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) whereas scholars from all over the worldgather in one venue to discuss cultural, historical, and economic issues of the city. Thus, thebook offers a collective and global solution that is applicable on a universal level.The research presented in this book was conducted by authors, or rather participants ofthe conference from, three different continents of the world and organized by IEREK. It wasa distinct opportunity for them to share their thoughts with leading scholars and professionalsin the field of Architecture, Arts, and Planning.The research and materials in this book are directed at those who are actively engaged inthe decision-making processes and to a heterogeneous audience who has an interest to criticallyexamine all the new literature available in the field.A special word of thanks should be made to the editors of this book and to all the authorsand co-authors of the chapters who collectively provided the academic community withunique and increasingly valuable literature.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Numero di pagine584
ISBN (stampa)9781351680332
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018


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