Cinque edizioni seicentesche della Regola delli cinque ordini d’architettura di Vignola conservate a Palermo

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FIVE XVII CENTURY EDITIONS OF REGOLA DELLI CINQUE ORDINI D’ARCHITETTURA OF VIGNOLA KEPT IN PALERMOThe essay aims to analyze five different seventeenth-century exemplars preserved in Palermo, two of which are in the Old Funds section of the Sicilian Regional Library, and three at the Library of the Capuchins.From these copies were detected for the contents, the main characteristics, the presence of bookplates and the structure of volumes, some of which are included in miscellaneous works, proposing, in three cases considered, an identification of the edition.The analysis of these exemplars, supplemented by data collected through a survey (limited to sixth-and seventeenth-century editions of the Regola) carried out on the entire regional territory through the online catalog of the National Library System (OPAC) and some paper catalogs, as well as from informations derived from the recognition of the few inventories of Sicilian architects of which we are now aware, give a sufficiently representative description of the wide dissemination and circulation of the Regola in the whole territory of the island.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLibri, incisioni e immagini di architettura come fonti per il progetto in Italia (XV-XX secolo)
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