Chromosomal location polymorphism of major rDNA sites in two Mediterranean populations of the killifih Aphanius fasciatus (Pisces: Cyprinodontidae)

Salvatrice Vizzini, Antonio Mazzola, Rainero Barbieri, Mariastella Colomba, Angelo Libertini, Roberto Vitturi

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The chromosomes of the Mediterranean killifish, Aphanius fasciatus from two populations, the Lagoon of Venice (LV, 15 specimens) andthe Lagoon ‘Stagnone di Marsala’ (Sicily) (SM, 48 specimens), have been investigated using conventional Ag-staining and fluorescent in situhybridization (FISH) with 18S rDNA probe. The two methods revealed variation in the number of major rDNA sites ranging from 8 to 14(LV) and from 1 to 4 (SM) per individual. The fact that each individual possessed its own number of sites implies that observed variation wasstructural. Moreover, overlapping of silver staining and FISH patterns demonstrated that all ribosomal genes were transcriptionally active ineach specimen.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2005


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