Messenger RNA (mRNA) translation efficiency is regulated by microRNAs. Each microRNA is able to regulate the translation of multiple mRNAs and each mRNA is regulated by multiple microRNAs. Thus, cellular mRNAs pool competed for microRNAs pool and viceversa. The regulatory network between mRNAs and microRNAs can be studied in the perspective of Competing Endogenous RNAs or ceRNAs. Here it is presented a bioinformatic study on ceRNAs for human telomerase (hTERT). Several genes potentially involved in the regulatory network of hTERT have been harvested by this study. hTERT is essential for the telomeres integrity. Telomere dysfunctions have been widely reported to be involved in Ageing, Cancer and Cellular Senescence. Amongst the gene collected, the oncosuppressor PTEN and the dynein heavy chain coding gene DNHD1 are top level interactors. Interestingly, many genes of unknow functions results as predicted interactors, suggesting that hTERT may be involved in unexplored network and scenarios.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013


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