Ceramica da cucina dalla "Zona Mura" a Marsala. Le importazioni africane

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Object of this written are African cooking ware pieces found during the excavations of the so-called “Zona Mura” in the Archaeological Park of Marsala. Supported by the Soprintendenza BB.CC.AA. of Trapani, research in collaboration with the Universities of Hamburg and Palermo on the topic of “Lilybaeum Archaeological Project” are still in course of making.The stratified kitchen pottery considered was carried out nearby the fortifications’ north-west sector, which showed the remains of structures of Roman age that probably belong to some fortification walls and also to three insulae set in the southern part of the surveyed area. The dynamic pattern of relations between ceramics of different production-centres found in the ‘Zona Mura’ is really one of the most important objectives of ongoing research. The written explains in addition to morphological and archaeological data about African cooking ware, with particular care to shapes’ recurrence, also the first evidences about statistical data on all different pottery productions.The choice to present African cooking ware is, therefore, to attribute to importance of kitchen ceramic in an urban context; this African production, moreover, contributes to confirm the role played by North African pottery imports at Lilybaeum
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