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The Sicilian hinterland is dotted with small towns and villages. Nowadays, these arebeing depopulated due to their marginality with regard to economic flows and theirlimited accessibility, which was often the very reason for their creation. The paradoxof this desolation is their state of conservation, which makes one view smartness andinclusiveness as genetic traits. The new economic models (sustainable, circular, low-cost,etc.) and the renewed demands (space on a human scale, balance with nature) justify therethinking in terms of re-appropriation and recovery. The physical and geographical constraintscould be rethought and might suggest combined solutions including sustainablemobility, digital accessibility, networked services and technological devices. We carriedout trans-scalar studies on this topic, addressing territorial and urban mobility issueswith the hypothesis of sustainable scenarios based on the: resolution of differences inheight, electric vehicles, sharing models, physical revision of routes and the re-adaptationof minor buildings for inclusive use in an overall vision of human-centered regeneration.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteL’ACCESSIBILITÀ NEL PATRIMONIO ARCHITETTONICO Approcci ed esperienze tra tecnologia e restauro
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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