Centri storici e Smart Town: mobilità sostenibile e infrastrutture virtuali

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Conservation and Development implementation are an essential combination when working in marginal and usually non-coastal areas, which identify the Southern Italy land.Starting from the extreme marginalization and the neglect conditions, reinterpreting them as an opportunity to re-foundation, can be a smart strategy. Mobility, marginal infrastructure and the extreme weakness which interest lots of users who characterize the population (mostly the elderly and the children) might represent a high significance criticality. Two linked focuses, one about sustainable mobility and the other one about the virtual cities network and public utilities, more specifically about health care public utilities, are trying to face these problems and reach solutions that could rekindle territorial attractiveness in urban contest, which are full of values and cultural and relational heritage.The study sample contest is the town of San Mauro Castelverde, which is situated in the district of Palermo, lapped by the Madonie and the Nebrodi natural reserves, in a hinge between the district of Palermo, Messina and Enna.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteRecupero, valorizzazione, manutenzione nei centri storici. Un tavolo di confronto interdisciplinare
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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