Catacomba di Villagrazia di Carini. Il cubicolo X20. Ricerche 2008-2013

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The X20 is one of the most considerable cubicles in the gallery X. It consists of a quadrangular funerary chamber (mt 8 x 5) preceded by a square dromos of 1,80 mt, and derived by an earlier arcosolium with two graves. The tombs are twenty-nine: twelve arcosolia both for adults and for children, a niche for a child, two lithic sarcophagi and fourteen formae. The archaeological investigations and the structural date indicate that the cubicle is the result of four different phases of development. In the first phase (IV.a) X20 is a square chamber (3,56 x 3,56 mt) with arcosolia for children along the dromos and the north side of the room, entirely frescoed with flowers and leafs, symbolizing the Heaven. Later (phase IV.b) the chamber is enlarged westward, and in front of the entrance the adult burials are arranged scenically. Finally (phases IV.c-d) the floor is entirely occupied by formae. The cubicle was used by a numerous and wealthy family group for several generations, by the end of the fourth/beginning of the fifth to the seventh/eighth century, as it seems also indicated by the pottery finds. After their abandonment, mosto f the burials were violated, and during the Middle Age the chamber was several times reused for agricultural and pastoral activities.
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