Case proibite. Fuga nel terzo paesaggio

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    A reflection on Architectural Project in the Placesof Interdiction, an “inner” research on thelandscape of Fiumara d’Arte, and thephenomenological approach to thecomprehension and description of ContemporaryArchitecture in Sicily, are the essentialbackgrounds of this work. It develops aroundthe need to express those desires grown ineveryday life through the constant listening toa controversial territory endowed with beautyand neglect as well.Five forbidden houses take shape capturingsome of the time sediments scattered hereand there between the lines of the journey.
    Lingua originaleItalian
    EditoreEdizioni di Passaggio
    Numero di pagine264
    ISBN (stampa)978-88-97298-09-0
    Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011

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