Carlo Scarpa. Una [curiosa] lama di luce, un gonfalone d’oro, le mani e un viso di donna : riflessioni sul processo progettuale per l’allestimento di Palazzo Abatellis 1953-1954

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Second updated and expanded edition February 2020. This study describes the spatial organization of the entire Gallery Regional Palace of Abatellis as a place of complex mediation between the commitment of the Carlo Scarpa project, the sense of measure and harmony and the requests of the curator Giorgio Vigni. The book tries to understand the link between the place and the design process of Scarpa, discarding the chronology of the intervention itself with reflections concerning the strategy of the routes of the exhibition, they reveal a possible code message. It is a targeted reconnaissance, whose narrative is also recomposed by thanks to some clues (found during the study of the correspondence and drawings, not always known and published), which should be read like a novel, from beginning to end, resisting the temptation to jump to the last chapter to see what happens. The author recounts spatial contexts that, like parallel stories apparently separated until the end, come together again, and reveals a possible truth about the Sibiu Crucifixion by Antonello, present exhibition of Messina in 1953, which, along the itinerary of Palazzo Abatellis, you find the hypothetical “container”, the golden Gonfalon displayed beyond the Crosses Room.
Lingua originaleItalian
Numero di pagine173
ISBN (stampa)978-88-317-2601-6
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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