Caraibi, Machreq, Oceano Indiano, Oceano Pacifico e altro ancora...

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This volume offers an overview on the literary production in French of Caribbean, Machreq, Indian and Pacific Oceans, and some other territories which, even if sporadically, continue to use the French language for literary production. It tries to present a concise picture of what would require much larger spaces, because of this production spans a period of a lot of centuries and reaches up to the present day. These literatures need to be analysed using other disciplines (History, Geography and Anthropology) since it is not possible to separate their genesis from historical reality and from the events of French colonialism. The great diversification, from every point of view, of this area doesn’t allow incorporate its cultural production under a single label. Another historical-critical problem is linked to the objective differences existing between those countries that had (and have retained) their own particular cultural tradition (as the Machreq countries), and those in which the cultural process has developed on the basis of sudden linguistic and cultural crossings (as the Caribbean area).
Lingua originaleItalian
EditorePalermo University Press
Numero di pagine257
ISBN (stampa)978-88-99934-92-7
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018

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