Can the certification of cork management agroforestry system in Sicily help to relaunch its future management?

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The economic importance of cork oak forests is mainly attributable to the role of provisioning non-timber forest products. The history of human management of these cork oaks stands make them a perfect example of agroforestry system, which surface is totally included in the Mediterranean-climate zones with more than 2.3 million hectares. In Sicily, the surface covered by cork forests amounts to about 15,000 ha but the most of this area is not affected by cultural practices. The cultural abandonment of many cork oak stands threatens their survival because of the close link between the conservation of cork stands and its use for productive purposes. The abandonment reasons are related to poor enhancement of cork raw material. However, in recent years some surveys have verified the high quality of cork obtained in Sicily. It is therefore possible to revive the sector through the validation of the product but also the certification of the management processes of the cork, if it is coming from a certified sustainable management. Certification of sustainable management of the cork stands owned by a Sicilian cork company called Syfar, with the certification of the chain of custody for the manufacture of articles of cork, such as coarse grained cork sheets for thermal and sound insulation, allows the Italian company to sell its product at national level and abroad, for the market of “green building” that is looking for certified material from the ethical and the quality point of views.
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