Calibration of the XRT-SOLARB flat mirror samples at the XACT Facility of INAF-OAPA

Marco Barbera, Giovanni Peres, Leon Golub, Weber, Golub, Varisco, Cosmo, Artale, Cheimets, De Luca, Collura, Bookbinder, Barbera, Giovanni Peres, Di Cicca

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The X-Ray Telescope (XRT) experiment on-board the Japanese satellite SOLAR-B (launch in 2006) is equipped with amodified Wolter I grazing incidence X-ray telescope (focal length 2700 mm) to image the full Sun at ~ 1.5" angularresolution onto a 2048 x 2048 back illuminated CCD focal plane detector. The X-ray telescope consisting of one singlereflecting shell is coated with ion beam sputtered Iridium over a binding layer of Chromium to provide nearly 5 squarecentimetres effective area at 60 Å. We present preliminary results of X-ray calibrations of the XRT flat mirror samplesperformed at the X-ray Astronomy Calibration and Testing (XACT) facility of INAF-OAPA. We describe theinstrumental set-up, the adopted measurement technique, and present the measured reflectivity vs. angle of incidence atfew energies.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2004

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