A deficiency in calcium intake, is considered an important riskfactor for the development of osteoporosis. Since the human bodycannot produce calcium, individuals are recommended to maintainan adequate daily intake.The aim of the “Calcium Intake in the Mediterranean Region” Studyis to evaluate the mean calcium intake in men and women between40 and 80 residing in various areas of the Mediterranean basin.Enrolled subjects have been asked to fill out a self-administeredquestionnaire to evaluate the mean daily calcium intake fromfood, principle risk factors for osteoporosis were registered. A dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) has also been carried out toevaluate bone mineral density (BMD).During the recruitment period between March 2011 and February2014, were enrolled 982 subjects. 90% are female, the average ageis 60.4±10.0 years.The mean daily calcium intake is 1005±449.9mg. Over the 63%of the sample assume a lower calcium intake compared to therecommended dietary allowance (RDA), there are statisticallysignificant gender differences (p<0.0001) because men have agreater calcium assumption. There is also a significant decreasingtrend of assumption with age (p<0.0001). Calcium Intake is lowerin osteopenic and osteoporotic subjects compared to subjects withnormal BMD (p=0.0048). Factors significantly associated with a lowcalcium intake are: sex, age, body mass index, previous fracture,family fracture history.Our study remarks the importance of calcium for the bone healthand at the same time, confirms that Mediterranean women over60 years of age need more calcium daily intake.
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