This paper aims to explore some ways in which the urban conflict can be “prepared” and “perceived” through mediatic construction (discursive strategies, rhetorics), while not manifesting itself openly in reality. The object of reflection is a case study, the tensions between police and supporters happened in June 2014 in Barbès neighborhood, Paris, during the World Soccer Championship. The Algerian team qualified for the knockout stages for the first time in his history and spontaneous celebrations lasted the whole night in Barbès. Although the authorities prepared a massive police deployment in this area, considered as dangerous, no major incidents occurred. By analysing some internet texts and even interviews I realized during a fieldwork in that day, I try to detect some dynamics of the urban conflict. For this purpose, I consider the wait that foregoes an alleged conflict; the discrepancy between mediatization and reality of a conflict; the ways to semantise and use some urban spaces.
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