Biotechnology of the Recultivation of Technogenically Disturbed Landscapes in the South and East of Kazakhstan (биотехнология рекультивации техногенно – нарушенных ландшафтов наюге и востоке казахстана)

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Reclamation of technogenically disturbed lands requires several procedures andassignments. In the South of Kazakhstan during the field development of phosphate deposits, pastoraltype lands were disturbed. Reclamation works were done in two stages - technical and biological.The technical stage included the dump planning, loamy ground delivery for bottom lining, layer-bylayercovering and stabilisation. The biological stage included planting of phyto-meliorants, biocharand carbamide insertion under crops. In the city of Ridder, around the mining processing industry,the black humus soil was exposed to aggressive emission of zinc plant. The soil is currently degradedand devoid of vegetation cover, and undergoing deep erosion processes. Biological reclamation wascarried out on this site utilizing biochar and phyto-meliorants
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteNovel Methods and Results of Landscape Research in Europe, Central Asia and Siberia.Vol. 5. Landscape Planning, Management and Rehabilitation.
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