The occurrence of nitrates in groundwater is steadily raising concern due to possible healthconsequences of nitrate ingestion. Biological denitrification in BIO-PRB is the enhancementof a natural process that occurs naturally when bacteria live in an environment void ofoxygen with carbon availability. Bio-PRB represent a perspective of development for PRBtechnique but, despite the fact that this technology has already been widely used forchlorinated solvents, data on denitrification PRBs are still scarce. This paper reports on theresults of an experimental study carried out for 214 days on a bench-scale pilot column (10cm in internal diameter and 100 cm in length with sampling ports at different heights). Thecolumn was filled with a mixture of sand, agricultural soil and sawdust (30%, 20% and 50%v/v respectively) and was fed in continuous with a solution maintained at constantconcentration of 25 mg/dm3 NO3-N for early 110 days and then gradually increased to 50mg/dm3 NO3-N. Good nitrate removal performance (up to 99%) were observed with a directcorrelation between nitrates removal rate and carbon availability in column.
Lingua originaleEnglish
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012


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