Bioagronomic and energy potential of Carthamus tinctorius L. in the Mediterranean area

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In recent years, interest in dedicated energy crops, in particular oilseed crops, in the Mediterranean area has risen. This is due both to an increase in energy demand in various sectors and the need to meet the objectives set by the European Union. The agro-energy sector may become an important economic opportunity for farms, especially when considering the use of the whole plant – the oil-rich seeds and the lignocellulosic crop residues. However, in economic terms, further study is needed in the management, quantification and subsequent use of crop residues. This research looks at the productive and energy potential of the seed and crop residues of safflower with the aim of introducing this oilseed into crop systems in Sicily. Research showed a good level of adaptability of the species to the test environment with satisfactory yields and crop residues showed a modest level of aptitude for energy purposes.
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