Between Self-Organizing and Accelerating Networks: Untangling the multilevel of strategic networks

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This paper aims to detect the crucial determinants and processes that shape the emergence andevolution of interfirm network cognitive morphology. We pinpoint three relatively distinct butcoexistent levels which define the fundamental structure of the network: the microsystemic (or thesingle firm) level; the mesosystemic (or the groups of firms within the network) level; and themacrosystemic (or the overarching network) level. Then, we integrate the complex systemperspective (Morin, 1977; Prigogine and Stengers, 1984; Anderson, 1999) applied to networks withstudies regarding theoretical models that elucidate network structuring and dynamics cultivated inthe new “science of networks” (Barabási, 2002; Buchanan, 2002; Watts, 2003) in such a way totypify the mesosystemic level as an accelerating network and the macrosystemic level as a selforganizingnetwork. Finally, we represent multilevel network cognitive dynamics by means of athree-level cognitive shape that we term ‘network cognitive domain’ and dissect the correspondentmultilevel governance scope of the network cognitive sub-domains.
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