Baucina-Monte Falcone 2014, indagini nella necropoli.

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The aim of this report is to present the results of archaeological samples,executed in order to contrast illegal researches on a necropolis at Baucina,in the northwestern part of Sicily, where Punic, Greek and indigenoustraditions coexisted, in a relationship which is the focus of our ongoinginvestigation.We collected an archeological dataset, whose interpretation is detecting anarticulated situation where the interaction between three different ethnicgroups gave as result the variety of rituals.The future excavations of the site could increase the perception of thisinteraction, for a period in which Greeks and Punics designed their spheresof influence of the territories within the Mediterranean area, telling usabout the role of the social system within the geopolitical framework.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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