Basile's Atelier

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BASILE’S ATELIERErnesto Basile’s professional work-study bears witness to his continuity of activity.We find more than family belongings and evidence of professional affinity between the protagonists of this story, from generation to generation. It is more a matter of objects and places, memories which have been handed down in private spaces and reactivated in the spaces of the city, to the present days.The size of an architectural firm, as there may be some partnerships with private clients - of course, in this matter the more immediate association is that with the name of Florio - tends to be seen, however, as an element of connection with “the public”, municipalities in the first instance (Pics. 1-3).Basile’s architectural works, and those of their school, can be explained as offshoots of a thought, an idea as well as the practice of construction and design that is more akin to urban planning, because their work has contributed to the face and character of the city. But it would be more correct to say “ cities”, because of the range and timespan of activities associated with them persisted for more than century in many places as an on-going dialogue with the environments in which they chose to work and the places where their work was reflected.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLo studio Basile. Crocevia di arti e mestieri.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013


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