Ballasted track superstructures: performances of innovative railway sleepers

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A railway sleeper is the structural element which transversally connects the two railsby means of fastening components, thus ensuring its gauge. Its additional function isto firmly secure the track to the ballast and to distribute the loads transferred fromrailway carriages to the ballast.One of the most important parameters in the characterization of performance givenby railway sleepers is represented by their lateral resistance to the sliding: the higherits value increases, the better the track stability becomes, thus reducing thefrequency of maintenance interventions necessary to keep the superstructureefficient. This article focuses on the performance of two innovative railway sleepers,recently patented in Italy and called the “EGA” and “HP-BB”, under differentefficiency conditions of the ballast. The research is carried out through acomparative assessment of traditional mono- and bi-block sleepers, evaluating theresistance of the single sleeper thought as independent of the other constituents ofthe track
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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