Bagheria e l’amministrazione Cinque Stelle (Bagheria and Five Star local government)

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The paper will deals with the case of Bagheria (Palermo). Since June 2014 the Town Council has been governed by the Mayor Patrizio Cinque of the 5 Star Movement . Starting from the analysis of the elements that have contributed to the electoral success (related to the scenario and electoral campaign), the article takes into account the peculiarities of the local 5 Star Movement administration in its first two years, especially focusing on the relationships (before and during the mandate) between spokesmen, activists and voters, on the relations with other local and national Meetup, on their communication strategies and projects, and on the Mayor ability of exceeding the scandals. The research highlights the current administration of Bagheria media image through the analysis of the press coverage and of the self-produced communication, it investigates communication innovations introduced as part of the relationship with the citizens (eg. by introducing in the new municipal statute the citizen Question Time) and the institutionalization process using in-depth interviews with key informants (mayor, activists) and ethnography of the network. It also will examine the contribution of the mayor in the 2016 electoral campaigns of other administrative Sicilian municipalities (like Alcamo).
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