Azioni revocatorie e arbitrato

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The essay studies if and when, according to italian law, actio pauliana can be adjudicate by arbitrators.The trustee must to rebuild the debtor's assets, in order to guarantee the equal treatment among creditors. For this purpose, the trustee can bring actions to invalidate the debtor's fraudulent acts and conveyances. These actions have different grounds and effects; an action is aimed at declaring the ineffectiveness ex lege of acts made by the debtor; there are also the ordinary action pauliana and the “azione revocatoria fallimentare” (bankruptcy invalidation action). On the other hand, the trustee may be sued in similar actions. In all these cases, it is necessary to establish the admissibility of the use of arbitration. These issues will be examined in light of the provisions contained in the bankruptcy law and in the recent Crisis and Insolvency Code, which will soon replace the bankruptcy law
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteProcedure concorsuali e arbitrato
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