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Already used in very specific areas such as in military and medical or academicresearch, in 2009 thanks to improved technology, augmented reality is to reach wideraudiences and as information campaigns, advertising-augmented published innewspapers or on the network, and through a growing number of applications for mobilephones, particularly iPhone.The Augmented Reality on the desktop computer is based on the use of markers, orARtags, and stylized drawings, which are shown to the webcam, are recognized by thePC, and which are overlaid in real-time multimedia content: video, audio, 3D objects, andother information like link, historical or/and geographical elements, relationship betweenthe territories and its inhabitants, etc..All this requires the contribution of different cognitive areas, in the opinion of the authorscan not be extinguished only in an application myopic investing skills of a subject area.The story (from which everything branches off), topography (which each measure takesshape), the representation (from which everything is revealed), computer (from whicheverything is the correlation with itself and with the others), visual communication (fromwhich everything rises to a value direct communication, streamlined, efficient), graphics(from which everything comes to beauty, aesthetics individual and collective).The experience took place in the territory of Palermo, in Sicily, and show how theterritories can change in relation with the practices and possible identity strategiesdeveloped as a reaction. We can show the disqualified
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