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Already used in very specific areas such as in military and medical or academic research, in 2009 thanksto improved technology, augmented reality is to reach wider audiences and as information campaigns,advertising-augmented published in newspapers or on the network, and through a growing number ofapplications for mobile phones, particularly iPhone."The Augmented Reality on the desktop computer is based on the use of markers, or ARtags, and stylizeddrawings, which are shown to the webcam, are recognized by the PC, and which are overlaid in real-timemultimedia content: video, audio , 3D objects, etc.. Normally, applications of augmented reality are basedon Adobe Flash technology and therefore accessible from any standard Internet browser. Advertising isalso known as Augmented exploded in 2009 for numerous communication campaigns for corporate brandssuch as Toyota, Lego, Mini, Kellogg's, General Electrics, singers like Eminem Johma Mayer or magazinessuch as Colors, Esquire Magazine and Wallpaper, etc.. "(See Wikipedia : the augmented reality).In academia are several areas that are involved in the issues of augmented reality: that of representation,that science, that of the topography, the communication, and more.The use of augmented reality has found great scope also and especially in the public bodies involved inthe protection and enjoyment of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage, museums, natural parks,libraries, the return of a significant architectural heritage of historical value and cultural heritage which itwants to pass on the genesis of construction, the historical events related to it, the prestige of thedecoration and the difficulties Roofing complex.All this requires the contribution of different cognitive areas, in the opinion of the authors can not beextinguished only in an application myopic investing skills of a subject area. The story (from whicheverything branches off), topography (which each measure takes shape), the representation (from whicheverything is revealed), computer (from which everything is the correlation with itself and with theothers), visual communication (from which everything rises to a value direct communication, streamlined,efficient), graphics (from which everything comes to beauty, aesthetics individual and collective).The experience took place in Salinas Archaeological Museum of Palermo, now under renovation, hasdeveloped a compendium of the various sectors calibrated and synergistic and overcome the difficulties,sometimes substantially, on the location of the collections of art in it.
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