Attraversamento trasversale Torre dell'Orsa-Aeroporto-Statale

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The project fits in the topic of the town in extension, and aims at determining a new continuity in the countryside of Cinisi. Choosing to bury the railway line, removing the level crossing at Bosco Tagliato, the agricultural park turns out to be an opportunity to give more continuity to the sprawl of the small holiday residences. The relationship between the slow paths and the large scale of the highway is solved through the soil project, which allows to get the east-west and the north-south, the sea and the mountain, connecting two panoramic viewpoints with the coast and tonnara Orsa through continuous pedestrian paths. The new centrality of the covered square, gateway to the airport, on the eastern side of Gesap area, is set up by a complex pattern of overlapped soil layers; horizontal and vertical connections cross each other and they end in the panoramic viewpoint-square, metaphysical place of introspection and contemplation.
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