Attori e registi del referendum costituzionale di modifica agli articoli 56, 57 e 59 della Costituzione. Rilievi critici sul «taglio» dei parlamentari

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This essay highlight limits of contitutional reform reducing parlamentary members. At first sight this appear like an easy and bounded reform: but really it is not, the devaluation of political representation is at stake, one of the highest values of any constitutional system.Particular attention should be given to two negative consequences in case of success: the weakening of the Parliament aggregate function, the submission of its members to more stringent party constraints and and finally, the tightening of relations within parties. It is important to underline that the alignment by proponents of the italian system to foreign systems is based on overstated and misunderstood postulates.To conclude, politics seems to lose value and it is important to avoid a devaluation of political representation too.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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