Attivisti 5 Stelle a Palermo: un’analisi esplorativa (paper 6.1.1.)

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5 Star activists in Palermo: an exploratory analysis The work presents the first results of an exploratory research on the activists of the 5 Star Movement (M5S) in the city of Palermo. The research on the Palermo Meetup was conducted through face to face in-depth interviews to 10 activists and to a former activist expelled from M5S. The interviews have allowed us to begin to delineate organization, communication strategies, activities, problems crossed over time. The track used for interviews was developed by Roberto Biorcio and shared in order to make research results comparable with those of other Italian realities. The basic scheme has been integrated with some points on specific local aspects. The interviews were conducted, leaving activists the ability to add relevant items through life stories. The sources also include: the blog of Beppe Grillo and public information on the websites and on social networks, created and managed by the activists of the Palermo Meetup. The paper begins with some electoral results to frame the reference scenario (par. 1) and it develops, then, into four major sections illustrating: 2) profile, motivations, activities and experience of budget Palermo activists; 3) the meetup history, its activities and the relationship with citizen and institutions; 4) methods of regional and national coordination; 5) assessment of major changes focusing on the issue of internal democracy.
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