Sebastiano Bonventre, Gabriele Barletta

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The book provides a comprehensive overview of high-resolution and high-definitionanorectal manometry (HRAM/HDAM), showing the possible benefits of a wideruse of these techniques in clinical practice, as well as their limitations. Althoughthese techniques provide fresh insights into anorectal function and offer a new perspective on the pathophysiologic mechanisms of many defecation disturbances,there is a need to clarify whether their use has beneficial effects on clinical management compared to conventional manometry. There is still a considerable way to goto gain the clinical diffusion of esophageal HRM, which has become the gold standard in studying esophageal motility. Indeed, many gastroenterologists and surgeons are convinced that further studies are necessary in order to be able torecommend HRAM and HDAM over and above conventional anorectal manometry.The first part of the book presents anorectal anatomy and pathophysiology, highlighting the indications and limitations of conventional anorectal manometry. Thesecond part then focuses on the general concepts of high-resolution manometry andthe difference between conventional anorectal manometry and HRAM/HDAM,including technical aspects and different equipment. The third part explains how toperform, analyze, and interpret HRAM and HDAM recordings and describes theparameters study protocol, normal values, and how to formulate a particular diagnosis. Lastly, the fourth part includes a collection of normal and pathological imageswith a glossary of the most frequently used terms. Written by experts in the field ofanorectal manometry and defecation disorders, this book is of interest to specialistsand residents dealing with these conditions.The editor is grateful to all the authors of the different chapters who with passion,intelligence, and patience shared their knowledge and their experience to produce atext that could be useful to all those who want to approach this new technology orimprove their own knowledge.
Lingua originaleEnglish
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020


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