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Objective: We aimed to investigate the existence of associationsbetween well-established and newly recognized biologicaland phenotypic features of breast cancer involved intumor progression and prognosis. Methods: Ninety-eightcases of invasive breast cancer were assessed for the immunohistochemicalexpression of estrogen and progesteronereceptors, Ki-67, HER2, Akt-1, and Notch-2, using the tissuemicroarray technique. Data regarding tumor histotype, histologicalgrade, tumor size and lymph node status were collectedfor each patient and included in the analysis. Results:Several significant associations between histological and/orimmunophenotypic features came from the analysis of ourdata. Positive associations were observed between estrogenand progesterone receptors, tumor grade and proliferationindex, tumor grade and HER2, Akt-1 and estrogen receptors,and Notch-2 and HER2. Inverse associations were noted betweenhormone receptors and tumor grade, hormone receptorsand HER2, Akt-1 and tumor grade, and Akt-1 andnodal invasion. Conclusions: Our results, showing the existenceof a number of estrogen receptor-positive tumors with Akt-1 expression, better degree of differentiation, and nolymph node involvement, along with the presence of HER2-positive tumors with strong Notch-2 expression, support therole of Notch and Akt in breast cancer progression and suggestthat they may also represent new appealing therapeutictargets.
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