Assessment of subjective economic well-being in Italy

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Using the European Survey on Income and Living Conditions for the year 2005, we analyze the subjective economic well-being and its determinants relating tosome sub-groups of Italian households by means of an Ordered Logit Model (OLM),whose dependent variable is represented by a perception variable, that is the ability ofhouseholds to make ends meet. The empirical results highlight that the maindeterminants of subjective economic well-being are the same for the four typologies ofhouseholds. The subjective economic well-being is not only related to the economicstatus, but it is mostly influenced by socio-demographic variables, as work andeducation conditions. Furthermore, the level of subjective well-being of Italianhouseholds changes passing from a specific status of socio-demographic variable toanother one.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010


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