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It is well known as the "Italian" historic theater in our country is largely widespread, sufficiently stable in its typological configuration characterized by the stalls area with the boxes rows and the stage with the handling systems of stagecraft, behind a rich facade able to qualify the urban environment.As a result of the recent legislation bills, a number of public and private Italians authorities have begun an intensive recovery, value and protection of the theatrical architectural heritage present in own territories. However several conflicting proposals regarding the way of the maintenance work, highly variable in relation to attitudes brought, on one hand, to privilege stability, safety and efficiency, and on the other hand to privilege the history and typological aspects.The carried out investigation shows that, till a recent past, the renovation interventions have often promoted the use of extraneous materials and construction techniques that were not much compatible with the original constructional layout. In the light of what happened, our ambitious aim is to take back all the typological and constructive aspects of theatrical structures. That aspects must be essential for a recovery project, in order to seek technical, distribution and stylish solution, suggested by the specific features of the building, avoiding adoption of ready-made solutions.
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