Arte e diritti degli animali: una coalizione di protesta eterogenea contro la promozione pubblica di Nitsch

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The work analyzes the case of an online petition and the evolution of the protests, on social networks and in the territory, within a composite social coalition. This is the petition ( 2015), against the sponsorship of the City of Palermo of the exhibition by the Viennese Actionism exponent Hermann Nitsch which according to promoters and signatories would violate with his performances the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (Unesco 1978).The petition, that quickly gathered more than 70,000 signatures, is an interesting example of online mobilization that goes beyond national borders, in fact, the protest started in Mexico City a year earlier. In addition, the foundation of an informal network of artists follows the mobilization on the Internet creating new forms of solidarity, mutualism and resistance to promote a different idea of art. Against the exhibition were mobilized informal groups, associations, vegan, animal rights anti-speciesists, etc. Contrasting different frames in a heterogeneous network where there is an alternation of cooperation and conflict.A favourable front contrasts the adverse front conducting a counter-petition and intervening in the debate on Facebook and on the press.The paper presents the results of an analysis that has crossed different planes. We explored (through online and offline participant observation) the dynamics of the different groups involved in the protest and their relationships with the local City Council, studying the protest repertoire, the interpretive frames of the issue (using for the analysis of texts the Caqdas Atlas.ti). The qualitative ethnographic content analysis (Altheide, 2000) was used to identify the main frames constructed from the press on the subject. The study of the evolution of the network, using the NodeXL software, allowed to see the change of the structure of relationships over time.
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