Arrivare a Sabratha. La città e la sua immagine

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The urban developement of the two most famous Tripolitanian emporia was investigated in order to understand the logic of some changements in the layout of the main streets. Lepcis shows to have coherently adapted the street layout to its urban growth, changing the streets' function from traffic infrastructures to cerimonial routes. For what concerns Sabratha, one fails the logic of every phase of its urban development .The ellenistic emporium would have follow the urban model fixed by Alexandria but this is not so evidently reflected in the city plan. The location and the extention of the Punic Sabratha's Agora appear in contrast with its function of outlet to the sea of the caravan roads. Each phase of its urban growth seems to have concerned just the effective built-up areas, without any prevision of further developments.This lack of planning also makes a difference with other port cities, whose seaward-facing buildings were a sort of business card addressed to sailors, and with Lepcis, where the Severan harbour gave a contribution to the image of the town; the “diffuse” and almost invisible harbour of Sabratha seems to show us that the city would not have taken care of its image from the sea, paying more attention to to view offered to the visitors coming from the internal roads. The creation of a new Forum in the area of the city expansion towards the East could indicate a changement of perspective.
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