Aristóteles, Lope y la teoría de lo verisímil

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The Arte nuevo reflects on the own form, mixes different metaliterary genres, assumes his own assertions as relative to dialectics with the rhetorical resource to the irony of the meaning of the point of view that to refute, changes the same affirmations in his opposite for incisive aphorisms, so that it represents the first totally lay reflection on the aristotelic Poetics. An aristotelic criterion exists that encloses similar logical-metaphorical results in reference to the need of the "to have to be" (poetry) that is superior to the contingency of the being (history), and it is the criterion of the technical construction of the Likelihood. Lope assumes such a criterion with his fuller value, does of it the axis of his reflection and of his artistic labor, and records it to all the dramatic practices of the modernity.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2006

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