Architetture per conservare la neve: dalle Madonie a villa Cattolica

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Until they were invented modern refrigeration systems, the task of maintaining low temperatures has been delegated to particular architectures. In the province of Palermo, this task was entrusted to the "pit of snow." In general it is a subterranean environment in which was kept the snow, to be used for the production of ice cream and cool drinks. The snow came from "neviere" - "pits of snow "present in the Madonie Mountains. Generally the trade of snow has been an important item in the economy, and in general, in the lives of the inhabitants of the Madonie, especially between the late sixteenth and the early decades of the twentieth century. In the city of Palermo, and campaigns of its surroundings, there was no palace, convent or villa that did not have a "pit of snow." In the villa Cattolica (1736) of Bagheria there is a "pit of snow." Villa Cattolica and its pit have been restored and are intended to accommodate the museum of contemporary art made out to the painter R. Guttuso, one of the leading exponents of Italian art of the twentieth century, while the pit is home to an installation by contemporary artist C. Taravella, depicting the "Great Warrior". A successful example conservation and reuse of the architecture, the document of the late Baroque civilization of Europe, home to an as many interesting example of contemporary art collection.
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