Architetture lignee per lo spettacolo tra XVII e XVIII secolo a Palermo (Theatral wooden architectures in Palermo during XVIII and XIX centuries)

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It was an eighteenth-century custom, spread in many Sicilian cities, that to effect performances over that in stable theatres also in special amphitheatres, theatres and barracks, realized in the squares of historical town for the amusement of people and nobility, with equestrian games, games of lion, or inside great buildings and "containers" (warehouses, stores,..) in possession of municipalities or noble citizens. The strong temporary characterization suggested the use of wood to builders and planners, so that these structures could be easily climbed on and, subsequently, get off and reassembled elsewhere; besides, their value of "occasional architectures", often realized in concomitance of festivities and recurrences wanted them well built, with a formal quality also inspired to decorum, because for brief or long periods they characterize the urban landscape, and also they would be sure and stable as a great crowd of persons would have been entertained in the boxes and galleries, gradins and loggias. The coeval iconographical sources and the constructive documents give us a testimony of these structures; we investigate the materials employed, the constructive modalities, the technical terminology.
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