ARCHI_Cottura : atelier per lo spazio domestico : fra cibo, architettura e design

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Since homo sapiens has began to trample the earth, to nourish itself on it, to know its secrets, to reunite in first nomadic and then sedentary groups, it was certainly the ‘hearth’ the place that absolutely created cohesion among individuals, transforming groups into more or less numerous social communities, but capable of evolving into knowledge, technology and architecture, creating the civilizations that gave birth to human history.The three days of International Meetings of Studies wanted to investigate, through the contributions of scholars belonging to various disciplinary sectors, architects and designers on this particular social space, deepening their identity aspects related to its history, its architecture, its design, to the social relationships that have characterized it. Naturally, those related to food have been topics of debate, with reference to the characteristics that identify this area of aggregation starting from its appearance on the ground up to the most advanced settlement societies with greater attention to the Mediterranean area: from the fire to its transformation into domestic / religious space; from the project for the domestic space to that for mass catering; from literature to art; from the culture of cooking to tasting; from necessity to design; from the static domestic space to the dynamic one between sky earth and sea.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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