Apuntes de sociología biojurídica a partir de la edición genética germinal

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The goal of this article is to stand out contradictions in the relationship among bioethics and biolaw that, far from being merely a theoretical quandary, has a real impact in the regulations of innovations in the biomedical field. Aiming to show that strong connection between the apparently theoretical question with the praxis, the essay, with an inductive methodology, goes straight showing the first steps of regulation of the germ-line gene editing. In the first part of the article, after a summary about the scientific highlights of germ-line gene editing, we undertake an investigation on the juridical regulation of germline-gene editing, based on the Council of Europe’s provisions. Finally, showing the limitations and contradictions of these supposedly biojuridical regulations, we highlight the dominant asymmetry in the relationship among bioethics and biolaw.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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