Approccio Metodico alla Riprogettazione di un Semirimorchio

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Economic competition leads to continuous development of new products and processes, but it is opposed by the decrease of speed of characteristics improvement and by the consequent tendency of the market to saturation. Redesign assumes in this context a particular remark because it cans allowing the acceleration of process of performances increase. This objective needs a methodical and structured approach that can leading, even, to the modification of product concept.In this work it has been studied the possibility of reducing the mass of a road semitrailer, by intervening on its structural elements. Some solutions, characterized by new topology and/or materials, have been examined and a structural floor in composite material has been chosen. Redesign process needed the use of a parametric CAD, to make regenerable solid models of the semitrailer, and of a FEM software, to analyse the structure behaviour, integrated by an optimization module, to determine the constitution of the composite material.
Lingua originaleItalian
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2003

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