Applying System Dynamics Modeling To Foster a Cause-and-Effect Perspective in Dealing with Behavioral Distortions Associated with a City’s Performance Measurement Programs

Carmine Bianchi, Daniel W. Williams

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This paper aims to show how applying system dynamicsmethodology to performance management can provide a powerful modeling perspectiveenabling public sector organizations to prevent, detect, and counteractbehavioral distortions associated with performance measurement. A dynamic performancemanagement approach is able to support performance management systemdesigners in outlining and implementing a consistent set of measures that canallow public sector decision-makers to pursue sustainable organizational learningand development. This perspective implies a major shift from a static to a dynamicpicture of organizational processes and results. It means framing delays betweencauses and effects, feedback loops, and trade-offs in time and space associated withalternative scenarios. It also means understanding how different policy leversimpact the accumulation and depletion of strategic resources over time, and determininghow performance drivers affect end results. An exemplar application of thisperspective is outlined in relation to municipal crime-control policies. Unintendedbehavioral consequences generated by the implementation of the CompStat program(New York Police Department) on reward and performance management systemsare framed through the “lenses” of dynamic performance management.
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