Application of MOOSY32 eNose to Assess the Effects of Some Post Harvest Treatments on the Quality of ‘Salustiana’ Orange Juice

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A new prototype of Electronic Nose instrument, Multisensory Odor Olfactory System MOOSY32, with a processing method based on a multivariate classification analysis was used to assess different postharvest and storage treatments effects to Salustiana oranges. The analysis method is based on the measurement of the volatile compounds produced under different environmental and operational conditions. The Electronic Nose system revealed that orange juice flavor changes even when juices are analyzed right after each treatment and fruits are stored under refrigerated conditions. The instrument was able to detect even small changes in the aromatic pattern of the juices, confirming that the packing line itself is able to cause perceptible changes in the flavor. This can be a new and important finding in the Salustiana orange treatment that can lead to a significant improvement of fruits quality on the markets.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015


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