Antichi sbarchi e nuove mete di libertà

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The project for VILLARD 16: ”territori strategici: Antichi sbarchi e nuove mete di libertà”,provides the urban reconfiguration of three different zones of Pozzallo, with the dislocation of activities useful to welcome of migrants landings, current theme for the city.The project want to design the urban voids present in the city and dislocated between waterfront Raganzino, Torre Cabrera, the ex Sea colony, the final part of waterfront Pietrenere, through new public spaces.The project for the 2nd area, Waterfront Raganzino, provides the reconfiguration of the rectangula urban void, closer to the city, through the dislocation of two elements to use like amarket that open into a space to use for cultural activities toward the waterfront.The project fot the 3dr area, the ex Sea colony, design the triangular zone through the riuse of the pre-existing building for exposition spaces and other elements like museum, library, etc,related with the coast.The project fot the 4th area, ex distillery Giuffrida to use like spaces for exposition and theother pre-existing buildings like welcome structures, fun places, migrants’ housing, laboratories,etc.The projetc, located near the train station, wants to became a new attraction pole for theregion and the city, through a news pace dedicated to Mediterranean cultures.The projects meet themes set by responsibles of Villard and represent a very importantdidactic experience, particularly for the continuous comparision between students, teachers and city’s administration officer.project supervisors: Adriana Sarro, Luigi Pintacuda
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016


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