Analisi dendrocronologiche nel sito Natura 2000 “Pineta di Linguaglossa”

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Dendrochronology is based on the tree’s characteristic to register in their xylem, the environmental conditions in which they live. The influence of climate, soil movements and modifications, volcanic eruptions, insect attacks etc, determine ring width and further xylem morphological elements (cell lumen, density, latewood and earlywood width etc.). Tree rings may be used as proxy records. According to this assumption, the correlation between tree rings and environmental factors may be transposed back in time using long chronologies, in order to reconstruct specific environmental conditions such as climate, hydrological fluctuations, ice movements etc. The aim of the project Managmned is to develop models to investigate environmental changes in order to preserve Natura 2000 areas. The role of Dendrochronology is to understand: what is the limiting climatic factor for tree growth in the selected areas to perform a dendroclimatic reconstruction. In Sicilia the work was performed on two sites in Monte Etna, Pineta of Linguaglossa and Pineta of Piano Provenzana. The investigated species is Pinus laricio. The project has been carried out also in Greece on one site of Fagus sylvatica and in Cyprus in one site of Pinus nigra var. pallasiana.The work was organized in different steps: building chronologies, standardization, climatic meteorological data preparation, response function analysis, testing time variability of response function, climatic reconstruction from tree rings (transfer functions).Tree ring growth of Pinus laricio from Monte Etna is influenced by the temperature, especially minimum temperature of the end of winter and minimum temperature of spring. This climatic signal has been found also in Pinus from Cyprus and shows as the species is suitable to express large climatic changes. On these climatic parameters the dendroclimatic reconstruction has been performed. The comparison of actual and estimated data shows interesting agreement, especially in the reconstruction performed in Viagrande meteorological stations. Neverthless the volcanic Etna influences tree growth and induce some dyscrasia.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteAnalisi dendrocronologiche nel sito Natura 2000 “Pineta di Linguaglossa”
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