PURPOSE: Performance over 2000m on a rowing ergometer is dependent upon the functional capacity of both the aerobic and anaerobic energy pathway. The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between anaerobic power and indoor performance over 2000m in youth rowers.METHODS: Six youth rowers, 3 males and 3 females mean age 14 (range 13 – 15), performed, on a separate occasion, two maximal ergometer power tests, on 20” and on 60”, and a maximal 2000m ergometer time trial. All evaluations were performed on a Concept II model D air braked rowing ergometer (Concept2, Nottingham, UK). Average speed over 2000m (V) and average power over 20” (W20) and over 60” (W60) were measured. The data is shown as mean values ± standard error of the mean. Pearson’s product-moment correlation and stepwise regression analysis were employed to examine the relationship between V, W20 and W60. RESULTS: The average of rowing speed over 2000m was 4.26 ± 0.17 m/s. The average power over 20” and over 60” was respectively 366 ± 46.94 W and 353 ± 41.35 W. Significant correlations were observed between V and W20 (r=0.95 p < 0.004) and W60 (r=0.98 p < 0.0005). Stepwise multiple regression identifies W20 and W60 as determinants of performance over 2000m on a rowing ergometer, accounting for 96.80% of the variance, P<0.01: Speed = 2.795 - (0.0005303 * W20) + (0.004680 * W60). In order to use the model to predict actual performance over 2000m on the ergometer, we cross-validated the prediction equation with an independent sample of young rowers. The results of the cross-validation showed that speed over 2000m was predicted between limits from -0.12 to 0.11 m/s (-2.74% to 2.78%) and demonstrated an extremely significant correlation between actual and predicted rowing speed (r = 0.98, P = 0.0005).CONCLUSIONS: The data of our study indicates that, in young rowers, anaerobic power tests correlate significantly with performance, expressed in speed over 2000m. Our model of the determinants of rowing ergometer speed over 2000m, based on W20, and W60, may predict actual performance on young rowers.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012


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