An integrated fuzzy-stochastic model for revenue management: the hospitality industry case

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In this paper we propose a fuzzy model for the hotel revenue management under an uncertain and vague environment. Fuzziness of objectiveand constraint functions have been incorporated into the stochastic modelof Liu et al (2006) to show the effect of uncertainty on the optimal demand. By changing the relaxation parameters of the objective function we have found a set of optimal solutions with, in most of the cases, a valueof the objective function equal to that of the pure stochastic counterpart.In this sense, our model provides several alternative optimal room allocations to which the decision maker can refer to face the real customers’ demand.The fuzzy revenue optimization model we propose demonstrates to be a useful environment to capture both incertainty and imprecision in solvingthe optimal allocation of rooms for profit maximization.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014


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