An Innovative Friction Stir Welding Based Technique to Produce Dissimilar Light Alloys to Thermoplastic Matrix Composite Joints

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Aluminum sheets can be joined to composite materials with different techniques. Each of them hasadvantages and weak points over the others. In literature, new techniques and patents are continuouslydeveloped to overcome these difficulties. In the paper a new Friction Stir Welding based approach isproposed to mechanically join AA6082-T6 to self-reinforced polypropylene. The aluminum sheet ispre-holed along both the sides of the weld line. A pinless tool generates the heat and pressure neededto activate back-extrusion of the composite. Joints have been produced with varying hole diameter andpitch. The mechanical resistance of the joint has been evaluated and the different failure modes wereidentified. Finally, a numerical model was set up to study the process mechanics by calculating thedistribution of the main field variables, i.e. temperature strain and nodal displacement.
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