An Embedded System for the integration of a Combined Photovoltaic Solar (CPS) system into a ZigBee Home Area Network

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In this paper is reported the design and implementation of an electronic system capable ofcommunicating over a standard ZigBee network in order to let a residential gateway collector, namedagent, gain access to the parameters of a Combined Photovoltaic and Solar thermal (CPS) plant, thusrealizing a networked energy production appliance . The system is made of three parts: a PV meteringdevice, a boiler metering device also capable of controlling a heating resistor embedded within theboiler tank, and a data collector acting as a ZigBee node. The data collector device periodicallyretrieves the following parameters from the metering devices: instantaneous photovoltaic powerproduction, accumulated photovoltaic energy, instantaneous boiler heater power consumption,accumulated energy consumed by the boiler resistor, water temperatures in three distinct points of theboiler. Since solar thermal and photovoltaic panels are located out of the ZigBee communication range,an RS485 wired link between the three devices has been implemented, while the collector, usuallylocated not far from the agent, has wireless visibility. Some of the parameters listed above are alreadymonitored by proprietary CPS digital systems. However the implemented ZigBee nodes make theseparameters accessible through an open and interoperable standard. Various IC manufacturersincluding Texas Instruments and Freescale provide ZigBee enabled solution. The development of thesystem is based on the Texas Instruments solution is described and their advantage and limitations havebeen experimentally studied in order to explore the possible application area.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011


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